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Experience the Thrill of Safe and Exciting Tours with Jamaica's Best Driver!

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Meet Rayon Jones

Welcome to Jones Exclusive Tours, where safety meets excitement on the roads of Jamaica! Our driver, Mr. Jones, embodies the essence of a top-notch driver with years of experience and a passion for ensuring your journey is unforgettable.

From following traffic laws to anticipating hazards, Mr. Jones goes above and beyond to prioritize your safety and comfort. With a blend of reliability, punctuality, and respect, he is the epitome of excellence behind the wheel.

Choose Jones Exclusive Tours for a ride filled with professionalism, reliability, and a touch of Jamaican charm that sets us apart from the rest!

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Safety First

Strict adherence to traffic laws and regulations at all times
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Expert Navigation

Anticipating hazards and reacting swiftly for a smooth journey
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Punctual & Reliable

Always on time, ensuring a stress-free experience for you
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Courteous Service

Respectful and considerate towards guests and fellow road users
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Jamaican Charm

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Jamaica throughout your tour
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Unforgettable Journeys

Create lasting memories with our exceptional driver and personalized tours


Airport Transfers

Airport to grand Bahia $100
Airport to Paladium $70
Airport to ochi $ 120
Airport to port Antonio $280
Airport to Manchester $200
Prices are 1-4 persons

Customized Excursions

All of our guests have their own unique wants and desires. The entire island is your playground! We can help you customize your excursion to create memories to last a lifetime! Please email, call or use our form to design the perfect excursion! Adventure, historical, scenic, nature, water, etc. tours can all be arranged!


What makes us unique?

Jones Exclusive Tours offers personalized experiences tailored to your preferences. In addition to the "party supply" stop on the way to your hotel, we can also make a Cambio stop to have some Jamaican currency! 

How do I book a tour?

Booking is easy! Simply choose your package, select your dates, and confirm your reservation. Use our Contact Form, Email of WhatsApp Us!

Are meals included in the packages?

Depending on your custom package, delicious meals showcasing the best of Jamaican cuisine can be included or not included. The decision is yours!

Can I request specific destinations?

Absolutely! Customize your tour by requesting specific destinations or attractions. We can even make suggestions based on your desires!

Is transportation provided to and from hotels?

Yes, we provide convenient transportation to and from your hotel for a seamless experience.

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Phone: +1-876-397-6552
This number works on WhatsApp also.

Email: jonesexclusivetours@yahoo.com

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